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Buying and selling

In our law firm, in Orihuela Costa, we provide legal advice on all matters related to real estate law.

In relation to the process of buying and selling a property in Spain, we take care of all the necessary steps to ensure that the process of buying and selling your property in Spain is carried out with full legal security.

  • At Fernández & Monfort Abogados we will take care of:
  • Obtaining NIE.
  • Drafting / revision of the deposit or deposit purchase agreement.
  • Verification of non-existence of encumbrances: obtaining the corresponding Nota Simple. Before buying a property, we must ensure that it is acquired free of encumbrances.

Verification that the property is up to date with payments:

  • Community of Property Owners, municipal taxes such as IBI, as well as utility taxes.
  • Advice on how to obtain a mortgage loan: Our lawyers will advise you on the best financing conditions in terms of interest rates, arrangement fees, terms, etc.
  • Granting of the deed of sale.
  • Procurement of supplies.

Other real estate law services:

  • Legal proceedings on constructive deficiencies.
  • Real estate contracting in general.